Top 10 places for River Rafting in India


Top 10 places for River Rafting in India

India is a country with lots of rivers and these play a major role in our daily lives. Basically, rivers are used for transportation, generating electricity and lots more. But, interestingly, rivers or rivulets in India serve different exciting adventures. These adventures include Scuba Diving, River Rafting, Jet Skiing, Wake Boarding and lots more. When we talk about adventure sports, River Rafting is one of the sports that strikes the mind. River Rafting os a water activity loved majorly by youngsters and moreover, they have a strong lust for the same. 

Let us know about 10 best places for river rafting and discuss each one of them in detail:

1.    Ganga River, Uttarakhand: River Ganga is a famous holy rivulet and if you have freaking love for adventure then White-water Rafting at Gangas is the adventure for you. Enjoy the wilder rafting at the beautiful 16 km stretch of Ganges. This stretch is rich with whirlpools as well as rapids. In fact, there are 13 rapids.  Return to Sender, Three Blind Mice, Tee Off, Roller Coaster, etc. are some of the unique names of these 13 rapids. September to June is the best time for rafting. You can get a great discount on ticket booking online using Akbar Travels Coupons.

2.    Teesta River, Sikkim, and Darjeeling: Flowing through regions of Sikkim, Darjeeling, and Kalimpong, the Teesta River is another exhilarating spot for Wild River rafting. The rivulet has strings of rapid that gives an invigorating experience of the rafting. The Teesta tributary and Rangit turbulent has multiple rapids which make perfect River Rafting. The best time is in between October to April.


3.    Brahmaputra River, Arunachal Pradesh: The ferocious and wilder Brahmaputra rivulet is another fantastic and mysterious spot for wilder Rafting. The rate of the river rafting here is 4 to 6 while in Teesta it is 1-4. In order to give a thrilling experience, Brahmaputra Rivulet has some of the rapids such as “Pulsating Pulse”, “Toothfairy” are the best options. The rafting here takes a week or even more. Best time to go for rafting is November to March.


4.    River Bara pole, Coorg, Karnataka: Lying at Dakshin Kannada, rivulet Bara pole in Coorg is another exciting spot to experience River Rafting. Flowing down from the Western Ghats, it edges along the Deccan Plateau. This is a challenging river rafting experience but exciting. The range of the rafting here is 2-4. There are in total 4 to 5 rapids in the upper side while 6-7 towards the lower side. Grasshopper, Wicked Witch, Big Bang, Morning Coffee and lots more. It covers almost 8 km of the rafting area.


5.    Kundalika River, Maharashtra: Being one of the fastest rivers of India, Kundalika gives an outstanding river rafting destination situated in the Southern parts of Himalayas. Flowing amidst the mesmerizing Sahyadri Mountains, Kundalika River has almost 15 km long stretch with rapids for excellent rafting. These rapids range between 3-4 and monsoons are the ideal period to gain real thrill. 

6.    Spiti River, Himachal Pradesh: Experience White Water River rafting in Spiti as well as the ‘Pin’ rivers of the beautiful Himachal Pradesh. It offers the best experience for river rafting. Moreover, offers stunning landscape in between Spiti and Lahaul to the adventure freaks.


7.    Beas River, Kullu Manali: Kullu and Manali are the spots very famous for adventure activities like trekking, river rafting or many more. River Beas is also a splendid place for River Rafting and exploring the idyllic scenes. The river has almost 1-4 graded rapids for rafting that gives an amusing and exhilarating experience. Monsoon is the best time to visit here.


8.    River Kali, Dandeli, and Karnataka: Want some thrilling experience of your South trip? Then do visit River Kali in Dandeli, Karnataka. Passing through the high altitude of almost 1,549 feet in the Western Ghats, river rafting is an unforgettable activity that can be enjoyed in the flow of river Kali. It is a 12 km long patch and November to June is the best time to visit here.


9.    Alaknanda River, Uttarakhand: Uttarakhand is a homage to rivulets and temples. Also famous as ‘Ocean to Sky’, Alaknanda River is one of the most famous rivers that give the most challenging river rafting experience. The rafting stretch is 25 km long situated between Rudraprayag and Chamoli. The river gets 70 to 80 grades and gets 3 to 4+ points too. Moreover, if you are looking for recruitment then it could be the best chance to try it. Moreover, if you are looking for Indigo recruitment then it could be the best chance to try it.

10.  Bhagirathi River, Uttarakhand: Uttarakhand is a marvelous state that offers wonderful snow-laden mountains, lush green scenes and also provides a chance to do adventure sports like River Rafting. Bhagirathi River is one of the excellent options for rafting as it has high rafting grades.

There are also many other places for river rafting. The above-mentioned spots not only give you rafting experience, but you can also do other activities here. So why wait longer? Pack the goodies and get going.


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