Most popular small scale Business Tips


There are many opportunities for you to start your own Small Scale business. Everyone has a unique skill for himself from which everyone can use it for it’s earning purpose & can earn upto thousands of Dollars.

Here are the some small scale Businesses we are going to discuss below:

1. Preserving & Storing Food:

You can preserve food by many different methods Some of them are very cheap and for some we have to invest little some of them are discuss below:


Low-Temperature Preservation

Low Temp. Preserved Berries
  • Freezing
  • Refereigration




One way to earn money through food preservation is by canning jams, pickles, etc. and selling them in markets ( Tip: For this you have to built good relationship with the customers ) or you can directly contact to the company for selling the product in bulk from this you can have a big profit.

2. Online Advertising Agency:

Another way to start your Small Scale Business, is Online advertising Agency

So, if you have skills in this field or you can build a team for this particular work you can start your business

All you have to do is to start your own Advertising agency and earn money. In order to start online advertising agency first decide that what type of advertising agency you want to run. You may be targeting Digital Marketing, radio, Social Media & email Marketing etc.

Reselling Goods:

Here I’m, going to show another small scale Business example by which you can earn more easily without doing more effort. All you have you to do is to Buy or Import white Papers from China that you can purchase with low price that is probably equal to  $0.50 to $0.80 per Ream.

& then those papers can resell in the market even with good prices.

( Tips: You not only have to sell Papers in the market you also can sell other Trending material that has even more demand in the market like, Audio instruments such as Hand Free & other Home appliances. )

Real Estate Agency :

Real Estate Agency is the Small scale business thought of sloppy segment. You can begin this business whenever you want. However, to be Successful in this Business, you will require some contacts and insight regarding properties..Also, You need to have some communication skills So, you may be good in dealings as well.

Start your own Boutique Business:

– Starting own Cloth boutique is outstandingly incredible small scale business thought. In order to be successful in this business, you need to keep phenomenal texture variety of cloth. At first, you need to consume money on stepping as well. Initially, the cost maybe little bit high for you to spending on this business but later you will only get profit from it day by day.

Occasion Organising:

You can organise different events in your town with minimum investment upto 1-2 lack and can earn maximum profit from for it, Events arranging is growing in Pakistan with jet speed Hence, it make sense to start this business also.

Small Scale Business with investment upto 2 lakhs

Mobile Repairing Shop:

Whenever you are starting a new business, there are many things that you may need to consider. For example, in cell phone repair business, you will have to arrange for a spare part supplier, find a shop for renting, take care of advertising and many more tasks.

This is the trending small scale Business nowadays as we know that Mobile phone is most frequently used technology nowadays. Everyone has cell phone So, if you have skills in this work you can earn a very handsome income with just little investment.( Tips: or you can also do a mobile repairing course with in the period of 6 months )

All these businesses are on suggestion base as according to the trending.

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