Download the 9Apps in your Jio phone & use unlimited Feature


With the development of so many application we constantly keep on visiting the Google play store for downloading the latest version of these apps. But many of us still do not know that Google play store is not the only play store available for mobile application users. There are multiple other choice which are equally great and today we are going to discuss one of them that is the 9Apps store.

Yes, the 9 Apps store is an equally efficient, viable and even better choice than Goggle Play store this is because some of the apps that are available on Google Play store for money could be downloading from 9apps store for free. Now, if you have a Jio phone and you are wondering if you could download the 9Apps on Jio Phone or not then let us tell you that you can absolutely do that.

The requirement of devices for installing 9Apps are mentioned below:

Operating with lowest Android versions also:

This amazing app is relatively smaller in size and required Android or higher fro installation. The license is free for 9apps and it is supportive of the operating system Android with the minimum version requirement of 2.3.3, 2.3.4 or higher in any of the compatible operating system which is not an issue.

Compatible to IOS & Windows also:

The application is now compatible with all the three platforms android, IOS and windows as well.

You might be thinking Why you should install 9apps ? Here’s the answer below:

Unlimited Applications for Free!

So, yes you can download the 9Apps in your Jio phone and make use of unlimited features. The best part is the application has all the latest apps, games and wallpapers and everything that you could possibly ask for. You can download these apps for free and even make in-app purchases.

It comes with an automatic installation option which starts the installation as soon as the download is complete.

The app is really user-friendly and its usage is very simple and easy. The app has been basically divided in different categories which makes it really convenient for the users to go to the particular category and then find the relevant app of the category for download.

Another great thing about having download the 9Apps in your Jio phoneis that it is very small in size and it just consumes 3-4 MB of your device memory. This means it will not be consuming much space which makes it efficient to have it in your device.

Apart from that, there is another great news for Jio phone users.

Low Storage Capacity issue is solved:

Your phone has a less storage capacity ? not an issue now!

Since, the phone has less storage capacity download 9Apps in Jio phone will not be an issue because the app is quite small in size and it will cause no technical clashes and glitches later on and will allow speedy downloading process. The app gives Jio users access to all the amazing content they could ask for.

You can download Huge collections of ringtones & wallpapers for free!

After downloading 9Apps for Jio they will get access to a huge collection of wallpapers and ringtones, you can download any number of these wallpapers and ringtones that too without spending a single penny.


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